bored, nothing to do 2019-01-23 17:09:32.415332 from web
With Others Previous site is broken on non-mobile [Favorite] 2018-12-21 23:06:52.960559 from mobile gif profile pictures are cool [Favorite] 2018-12-17 02:08:22.557096 from web I GOT AN EPIPHONE SG!!! fucking awesome guitar [Favorite] 2018-12-09 23:32:00.448908 from web left my electric guitar at my dad's. fuck [Favorite] 2018-11-27 01:02:02.297354 from web sorry i don't use screech much [Favorite] 2018-11-12 02:44:58.988135 from web the pillows is a great band. go listen to them thanks [Favorite] 2018-10-23 06:10:43.390961 from web got a new guitar yesterday, sounds amazing [Favorite] 2018-10-23 04:54:48.570426 from web bored, nothing to do [Favorite] 2018-10-23 04:30:29.773386 from web
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